I was asked by Coach Dransfield to help coach City Stars Lacrosse in the summer 2015 after getting to know him through my work with Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership. Our programs were able to work together to get HLL kids involved with City Stars Lacrosse and I got the opportunity to work with a great club program. The kids who play for City Stars Lacrosse have great attitudes and simply love lacrosse. They come to every practice ready to get better and are extremely coach able. Coach Dransfield is creating a great culture with City Stars Lacrosse and it made me want to be a part of it. The program competed amongst the best in New York City and will continue to grow as a result of tremendous leadership and vision. I highly recommend City Stars Lacrosse for any player who wants to be a part of a great group of lacrosse players and coaches.

Adam Daroff
Senior Program Director
Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership

City Stars Lacrosse provided my son Jaiden with an opportunity to further enhance his skills under Coach Dransfield. Coach Dransfield would teach and work on specific drills with my son and the team in order to help them get better as a player and as a person.  He orchestrated games and tournaments that stretched to Connecticut in order to challenge them and get the very best out of them. After a long day in NYC at either a game or practice, where he worked with NYC city kids to help them with the game of Lacrosse, he then made the difficult trip back home to Connecticut only to do it again the next time the schedule called for it, a dedicated and knowledgeable coach. Glad we were a part of City Stars Lacrosse.

Charles Martinez
Son Jaiden played on the Summer 2014 and 2015 Team

Our son Josh has been a City Stars Lacrosse player for 3 years as a second season to his HS Team participation.  Initially, we sought out the program to expand time on the field, sharpen skills and conditioning in his off-season.  The effect on his overall capabilities and game play were clearly evident early on.  This has become more than an expansion of his field time, there has been a sense of discipline and structure from the very beginning.  Not only is there a focus on strategy, basic skills and conditioning but, there is also a team ethic that quickly allows a disparate group of kids from a variety of backgrounds, programs and skill sets to gel as a strong unit.  The hand-picked coaching staff echo Billy's dedication to the advancement of the sport and his driven work ethic.  Practices are run at a very efficient and high level, conditioning is core and drills are varied to ensure the entire team benefits from the session.  All the while, a strict focus on strategy and ensuring that the boy's know what to do when, not just how.  The boys are taught to think on the field.   Josh's play has improved, but just as valuable is his appreciation for development of the team dynamic and respect for the input of the coaching staff.  We are proud to be a part of this program. 

Amy & Ken Feldman
Son Josh played on the Fall 2014 and Fall 2015 Team

Billy Dransfield has grown City Stars Lacrosse into one of the top HS Lacrosse programs in all of New York. Week in week out, Billy is on the fiel d ready to start practice on time and bring out the best in his players. My son Hudson began as an 9th grader and found himself practicing week in week out at the High School level. As a result, he has become a stronger player, a student of the game, and is proud to be and to have been part of City Stars Lacrosse.
I recommend City Stars Lacrosse to any High School student athlete that wants to step up in terms of responsibility, and be part of a team that works hard in practice and is not afraid to compete at a high level.

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